Flossmoor x Goose Island

Chicagoist clues us in to a special, beery event tonight at Flossmoor Station, out in the ‘burbs: they’ll be fête-ing Wil Turner, brewmaster at Goose Island Brew Pub.

Fun fact: we lived for nearly a decade within spitting distance of the Flossmoor Station brewery. If any of you go to the dinner tonight and deliver us conclusive proof of your dedication to stalking us (a photo taken in front of our former residence? Some of our parents’ mail that might still be over at the Flossmoor post office?) we promise to be flattered, rather than creeped out.

Details on tonight’s brewmeister luau, which seriously sounds pretty awesome, at Chicagoist.

Goose Island Guest Spices Up Flossmoor Station Brewmaster Dinner [Chicagoist]

[Photo: Flossmoor IPA, via Dr000’s Flickr]

Flossmoor x Goose Island