Fast Food Fights

This weekend we entered, ordered from, sat in and ate food at, a McDonald’s. Not just any McDonalds. This was a McDonalds in a low-end mall, in the middle of a day on a Saturday, just before we had to go to get some things from Target. It was truly disgusting.

As we sat, gnawing on a dried-out Southern Chicken Sandwich (note to cultish fanatics of this boring menu item: go to hell), trying to ignore the two grade-school children yelling at one another from either side of our table, we decided that this would be the last time we’d ever set foot in a McDonald’s and, unless the situation seriously called for it (a nostalgic 6 a.m. “dawn patrol” surf trip in Seal Beach? Never going to happen, but OK, a Sausage McMuffin with Egg), we’d never eat their food again, either.

Now, with a grudge, we come to work Monday Morning to find this mess on Cracked, The 7 Most Bizarre Fast Food Industry Lawsuits and it seriously made our day. Pretty much everything in here is stuff you can’t say on a family site such as this, so no quotes for you, but it is seriously funny, and will vindicate all your high-falutin’ comparisons between modern fast food and Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.

The 7 Most Bizarre Fast Food Industry Lawsuits [Cracked]
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[Photo: via zorilla/flickr]

Fast Food Fights