Farewell, Chicago

What could I say that would do justice to the last fifteen months of keeping this blog? Probably nothing that wouldn’t be self-aggrandizing (my favorite posts) or partisan (my favorite Chicago food writers) or alienating (what food categories New York does better than Chicago [bagels, Burmese]) or entirely inappropriate (my favorite Chicago restaurants).

So, thank you for tolerating this carpetbagger and the opinions he formed largely from reading other people’s opinions. For those of you who’ve written things that I’ve loved, thank you for writing them! For those of you who’ve written things I’ve excoriated, well, you should have tried harder! (Just kidding; I’m sorry!) And a special thanks to the flickr community, without which this blog would have been a visual wasteland.

For everyone else, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading half as much as I’ve enjoyed writing, and I will miss it (and you) immensely.

But don’t worry your pretty little heads! An estimable force will be taking over the MenuPages Chicago blog mantle in the form of Helen Rosner, a.k.a RSGo. She grew up in Hyde Park (as opposed to my mere attendance of school there), and she may be even more ruthless than I am (she hides it better, so watch out).

Okay, well, I guess this is goodbye. Remember: when it comes to food, try everything.


Farewell, Chicago