Escandalo! 312DD vs. TOC

We already started a post today with a variant of OMG, and a link to 312 Dining Diva, but: OMG! 312DD has thrown down the gauntlet! Feuding in the Chicago Foodie Blogosphere!

Here’s the scoop: Yesterday, 312DD neener-neenered Time Out Chicago, claiming that TOC hadn’t actually scooped info on The Bristol as TOC claimed to.

In response to this, Heather Shouse (she of the Hub 51 slam that made us love her) sent 312DD’s Audarshia quite a testy email, which Audarshia has now posted on 312DD, under the claim “Time Out Chicago Doesn’t Respect Bloggers”:

“I noticed in your post yesterday entitled ‘Uhm, sorry Time Out…’ that you claim we were one week late. You might want to read our post a bit more carefully. What we said was that we got the scoop on THE LOCATION of the Bristol and the fact that Il Covo was closing, and even pointed out that you and many other blogs basically gave the general info that it was going to be in Bucktown because your ‘reporting’ involved reading the RIA site. The Chicago Restaurant site did not involve the exact address when you first posted on it and linked to it. The address was just added since you reposted.

While we’re ‘talking,’ I’m not sure that I completely understand the method of calling out established publications when you run a blog. Aren’t you a ‘freelance writer’? Wouldn’t you benefit more from actually selling your information and, I don’t know, writing articles as opposed to throwing rocks at the very few media outlets out there that could possibly give you work? Just a thought.”

Ooh! Catty! Scandalous! Heather has a point that Audarshia didn’t scoop the address, but we can also sympathize with Audarshia’s reading of the TOC post, since a “scoop” usually means you’ve got the story in its entire, not a specific bit of data. Both sides have merit! Both sides have flaws!

But, um, kids? It’s time for a little bit of deep breathing, because — we hate to break it to you — but the first ping on our RSS for The Bristol comes courtesy of Chicago Magazine, who had it up a full ten days before 312DD. Penny Pollack and Jeff Ruby remain silent on the matter thus far, but — while we’re big fans of Heather and Audarshia both — our hat’s in the Chicago Mag corner.

[Photo: Blood Feud, via italiangerry’s Flickr]


Escandalo! 312DD vs. TOC