Dim Sum in Allston

When it comes to Asian food in Boston, usually the talk revolves around the bounty of radical sushi restaurants in the area. But what about the classic dim sum place? Chinatown is chock full of great dim sum eateries, but what about Allston? Oh HECK yeah does Allston have a great place for dim sum, called the Dim Sum Chef.

Located in the Super 88 Food Connection, all the way in the back, you will find a hidden treasure and great deals in this cash only shop. With some of the best bbq pork buns in the city, and for a pretty great price of $2.50 for 3 of the guys, it’s a hard number to beat.

Need to get something tasty in you real quick and cheap? In under 10 minutes and for under $7 you can get a special Dim Sum Combo offered all day Monday-Friday. It features 2 pork and shrimp shu mai and 2 steamed shrimp dumplings with a bowl of the house soup and your choice of side, although we always choose the sweet and tangy sticky rice loaded with little fried baby shrimp and sausages. Stop on in, place your order, be psyched that you got so much good food for such a good price.

Dim Sum Chef [MenuPages]

[Photo: Jared Razzano/Flickr]

Dim Sum in Allston