Confucius Was Here

Ah, the great partnerships through history. Lewis and Clark, Laverne and Shirley, even Cheech and Chong. But on the Boston restaurant circuit, it’s unusual to find couples who open restaurants together. Enter: Christopher Myers and Joanne Chang. He’s the man behind Via Matta and Great Bay; She’s the woman behind flour bakery + cafe. Together they developed a powerhouse Chinese family style diner called Myers + Chang, on Washington Street in the South End.

As far as restaurant decor goes, Myers + Chang is truly one of a kind; Phrases scrawled on the mirrored walls include “Confucius Was Here” and “Dragons Make Great Pets…In Bed.” But chef Chang has the goods to back up the bravado, because the food is simply delicious. If you’re looking for pot stickers, choose from a variety including lemony shrimp, or Mama Chang’s pork and chive. Other favorites of ours include the scallion pancake and dan dan noodles. But the fact is, each item on the menu is made with care. Counter seating provides a perfect view of your food being made, and dishes come to your table at different times to ensure freshness.

For those who enjoy alcohol of the Asian persuasion, Myers + Chang doesn’t disappoint. Besides a variety of cocktails, beer, and plum wine, the sake selection is exceptional. If you aren’t a seasoned sake drinker, the Rihaku “Dreamy Clouds” Nigori sake is a perfect starting point. At $8 a glass and $25 a carafe, we usually drink enough to leave feeling pretty cloudy ourselves.

Myers + Chang [Official Site]

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Confucius Was Here