Community Board Makes Keith McNally Wait

Future home of Keith McNally's Bowery restaurant.
Future home of Keith McNally’s Bowery restaurant. Photo: Daniel Maurer

Community Board 2 postponed ruling on a liquor license for Keith McNally’s new spot at 282 Bowery last night, but the restaurateur is in no rush. He plans a “slightly Italian” menu — there were brick ovens in the plans — though the concept is “still very raw,” says McNally. “But apparently it has to be a quiet restaurant.” The space, a former restaurant-supply store, likely won’t open for another year and a half. As for the delay with the CB, McNally says it leaves him more time to work on Minetta Tavern. In the meantime, he’ll make nice with the neighbors — he was taking down names and phone numbers after his hearing. McNally has another shot next month.

Other highlights from the meeting:

• Owner of Savore Paolo Alavian is opening up a new Italian restaurant (“upscale Tuscan”) called Marea on 90 Thompson Street. Expect an opening in late October or early November.

The Double Seven is finally reopening in the Gansevoort spot (well, in the next six months). No need to order in from Pop Burger anymore; Double Seven will serve burgers and pub food.

Bobo wants to upgrade to a full bar (their current situation technically qualifies as a service bar), but neighbors showed up at the meeting with “No No to Bobo” signs. The petition was tabled until next month, giving Bobo time to address the standard concerns about noise and smokers.
Randi Eichenbaum

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Community Board Makes Keith McNally Wait