Chow Down With Bush & Sarkozy

The New York Times’ blog ‘The Lede’ is one of our favorite sources for odd and unusual news. Today, they gave a tip of the hat to Britain’s Daily Mail, who published the following article:

World leaders enjoy 18-course banquet as they discuss how to solve global food crisis

All this took place at Hokkaido’s G-8 summit. According to The Independent, guests (including President Bush, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy chowed down on:

Kelp-flavoured cold Kyoto beef shabu-shabu, with asparagus dressed with sesame cream; diced fatty flesh of tuna fish, with avocado and jellied soy sauce and the Japanese herb shiso; boiled clam, tomato and shiso in jellied clear soup of clam; water shield and pink conger dressed with a vinegary soy sauce; boiled prawn with jellied tosazu-vinegar; grilled eel rolled around burdock strip; sweet potato; and fried and seasoned goby with soy sauce and sugar.

That was followed by a hairy crab kegani bisque-style soup and salt-grilled bighand thornyhead with a vinegary water pepper sauce. The main course brought the “meat sweats” – poele of milk-fed lamb flavoured with aromatic herbs and mustard, as well as roasted lamb with black truffle and pine seed oil sauce. For the cheese course, the Japanese offered a special selection with lavender honey and caramelised nuts. It was followed by a “G8 fantasy dessert” and coffee served with candied fruits and vegetables.

Global Food Crisis: Menus and Meaning [The Lede/NYT]

[Photo: Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs]

Chow Down With Bush & Sarkozy