Candybar Closed?

So the Chronicle has an interesting write-up on Candybar, the dessert restaurant and lounge in the Western Addition that opened four months ago to mixed reviews. We had dinned there a few days after it opened and agree with the Chronicle article that the original menu was a bit ostentatious—we do like fois gras, but sometimes fois gras just doesn’t belong.

But Amanda Gold reports that owner Tan Troung seems to have come to his senses and got someone to craft a more approachable menu that includes more savory dishes and less adventurous desserts like a vanilla brioche that she claims is the best she’s had in a while.

Of course, the new menu may be a mute point because we walked by the Candybar last night attempting to show it off to Out of Town Friend (as in, “Hey look East Coaster, we can be cool and hip too with our new dessert lounge”), but guess what? They weren’t open.

Checking out the scene it’s unclear if Candybar is undergoing renovation or if Tan Troung has thrown in the towel—the POS system was on the floor, there were ladders strewn about, wiring hanging form the ceilings and a general look of abandonment. But, maybe with the new menu comes a new look. A phone call this morning didn’t shed any light. Their end just rang and rang.

In any case, there’s no way of knowing because there’s no signage to let patrons know when or if they’ll be coming back. The only thing taped to any of the large picture windows is the July 18 menu.

Dining Out: A little dessert goes a long way at Candybar
Candybar [Official Site]

[Photo via Candybar official site]

Candybar Closed?