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We know there a few Korean joints scattered around town - we covered some of the bakeries last week - but when near Central or Inman Square, we make a beeline for Koreana.

Featuring an enormous menu, from sushi to BBQ, we dig Koreana for diversity and style. We can roll in with a crowd and everyone leaves happy. The appetizers (especially the salads) rock, bulgogi and bi bim bap never disappoint, we love the fresh japchae noodle dishes, and their vegetarian menu makes this place a win for everyone, regardless of your dietary needs. Dinner wouldn’t be complete without a California or avocado roll, and while we know some folks hate on Koreana’s sushi bar, we say, if you’re trying to cover a lot of bases, you do the best you can. We’re not here to pick a fight - we’re here to pick out our meats! Koreana, among other things they do right, lets you cook your own meat and veggies. DIY hasn’t lost its charm, at least not when it comes to barbeque!

This is the kind of place you go for dinner and just relax. Perfect for a leisurely night out sans children or a great spot to catch up with an old friend. Their cheap lunch menu is worth checking out, too.

Koreana [MenuPages]
Koreana [Official Site]

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Cambridge Korean