California Bans Trans Fats; Watch Fat Ladies at Home

• California totally copied New York City in banning trans fats from restaurants. [NYT]

• Which is better for the environment: cow’s milk or soy milk? [Slate]

• Restaurants can hold lots of memories for their frequent guests, even places as modest as the former Cheyenne Diner. [NYT]

• Andrea Strong gives twenty brunch recommendations, including Morandi, Public, and the Smith. [NYP]

• If you thought the closings of La Côte Basque and La Caravelle four years ago meant the end of French food in the West Fifties, you’re dead wrong. [NYT]

• Once chefs make a splash or two in New York, they open up shop in Las Vegas so they can rake in the big bucks, but you knew that already. [NYDN]

• The paper of record gets a little too tongue-in-cheek with this look at the closing of a Staten Island Starbucks: “Nobody did coffee like the baristas, as the company calls its workers, at the Forest Promenade Starbucks.” [NYT]

• Though the show ended a decade ago, Two Fat Ladies comes out this week on DVD. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]

California Bans Trans Fats; Watch Fat Ladies at Home