Burger Barnstorm

Given a sufficient amount of time, any gathering of enlightened carnivores will inevitably devolve into an argument about where the best burger can be eaten.

Some smug jerk will always, always say “my backyard,” punctuated with one of those eyebrow-smirks, and for him the cause is hopeless. But for the rest of us, there’s the Hamburger Hotlist at men.style.com.

Right now the only Chicago contender, Rosebud Steakhouse, is clocking in third among the editors’ picks (after perennial national favorites Corner Bistro [New York, and in our opinion horrifically overrated], and Louis Lunch [New Haven, CT, and pretty decent]. But Rosebud’s patty is ranked only 10th place overall, thus proving that internet democracy is wildly overrated.

Hotlist:Hamburgers [Men.Style.Com]
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[Graphic courtesy of Style.com]

Burger Barnstorm