Brother Jimmy’s BBQ Takes Murray Hill (About Time!)

Brother Jimmy's.
Brother Jimmy’s. Photo: Melissa Hom

On July 24, frat-boy favorite Brother Jimmy’s BBQ will open its sixth and largest location on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 31st Street, and Murray Hill will never be the same again! Oh, wait, obviously this ensures it’ll stay exactly the same. Nevertheless, as you can see from these first interior shots, the place will boast a wall of Jack Daniel’s barrels, a “hubcap room,” a whole lotta Nascar tires, and, of course, a 32-foot bar plastered with southern license plates. The finishing touches are still being applied, but a second bar will be located downstairs, near a “private porch.”

The menu of North Carolina–style barbecue will remain the same, with the addition of a plate of three “burger-shack minis,” a wedge salad, sangria, and a weekend southern brunch perfect for the sidewalk seats. But what you really want to know is how many flat-panel TVs there will be, and the answer is 40. Even when the place is packed, that’s one for every six people. So, yeah, we’re thinking you should be covered.

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, 181 Lexington Ave., nr. 31st St.; 212-779-4727

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ Takes Murray Hill (About Time!)