Blog Reviews: Week of Bang Bang Yum Yum

• Despite the five shootings and one fatality, the safety of the Taste of Chicago is “undisputed,” sayeth Police Superintendent Jody Weis. Tomayto, tomahto. [Chicagoist]

• The cure for a pork-induced gastronomic hangover? More pork, obvs. Mike Sula gets the chef salad - plus slab bacon - at Jack’s Restaurant. [Food Chain]

• Chris Borrelli scoops an unnamed new “casual sandwich and munchies” place from Rick Bayless and team, inspired by Mexico City’s Churreria El Moro. They’ll be open from breakfast through dinner, which is wise: it’s never too early in the day for tongue torta or fresh-made blood sausage. Coming “sometime in the spring,” so no breath-holding, please. [The Stew]

• Speaking of morning food, brunch at Big Jones: “Everything was delicious and I’m sure extremely bad for you.” It can’t get better than that. [Chicago Foodies]

• Gale Gand shows up at the Green City Market, is surprised that The Fruit Slinger knows who she is. [Fruit Slinger]

• Oh and in case you weren’t already reading him, Mr. F. Slinger is in fact wry and insightful, and worth checking out. [Food Chain]

• A tall frosty glass or a hot steamy mug? Whatever your pleasure, at Oak Park’s Todd & Holland Tea Merchants you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. [Tastybeat]

• Does the way you carve a duck says something about you? Laura Cheng at Sun Wah Bar-B-Q is the strong, silent, knife-wielding type, whereas her sister Kelly is more chat-merrily-while-carving. Either way, either one, eat this duck. [Hungry Magazine]

[Photo of Churrería El Moro via kalamela68’s Flickr]


Blog Reviews: Week of Bang Bang Yum Yum