Blasphemous Blogger Defends Di Fara Rant

Dom De Marco: like he cares about Zagat ratings?.
Dom De Marco: like he cares about Zagat ratings?.

We assumed that after our crushing condemnation yesterday of Gotham City Insider, the “blasphemous blogger” behind it would creep away in shame, but no! He writes us to defend his shocking “F Di Fara” post.

As a punk at heart I am well versed on the strategies of “theres no such thing as bad press” but I had no idea what my little words would incite. That said, I am happy to see people so fired up over the one religion I can get behind: pizza. Tomato sauce, mozzarella and dough: I’ll pick up a rifle and kill for that Holy Trinity any day. Regardless, I think you’ve missed the point.

Tim and Nina Zagat have made a living rating the “Food, Decor, Service and Cost” of restaurants, yes? In my outspoken Di Fara’s review I’ve expounded upon 3 of the 4 criteria.
You are assuming that had I stayed and suffered through the tear gas for a $20 pie I would have somehow forgiven the rest of the things I discussed. Truth be told it wouldn’t have changed anything. I would’ve just ended with “but the pizza is fantastic”. You’re assuming that I would have been SO blown away by Dirty Dom’s pie that I would’ve NEGLECTED to even mention the filth and the smoke. This is where you are wrong.

I know people who’ve been going to Di Fara’s for years; a dozen years before everyone started writing them up. Back when Brooklyn was still Mars to most everyone. Back then Di Fara’s was an institution; a little hole in the wall spot that only the locals knew about. So whom do you think is responsible for “the hipsters and pseudo-foodies” doing the place a disservice? Surely not us Brooklynites or the local Midwood pizza lovers.

I could get into gentrification and all that crap but I’d rather keep it light and sweet. We’re arguing about pizza for fucks sake. Let’s relax. I love that the man takes his pizza seriously and takes his time with each pie. I wasn’t a guy who got upset when Nirvana got popular. I’m just saying the place is filthy and for all the cache and cult status he’s acquired, at $20 a pie, lets clean the place up. Roaches aren’t that charming.

P.S. - Don’t get me started on another place you all love to herald, Tanoreen.

Oh, so now “F Di Fara” is a Zagat review? Sounds like backpedaling to us. But we’re glad to see GCI softening his position. Perhaps if he goes back and actually eats the pie that makes all the pain worthwhile, he will truly see the folly of his way.

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Blasphemous Blogger Defends Di Fara Rant