Best of MenuPages Reviews: The First Step is Admitting You Have A Problem

It was a slow week for reviews — perhaps it was the heat? The rash of DOH closings? The fact that you were celebrating National Hot Dog Month by only eating hot dogs that you had personally prepared at home? Whatever the reason, approximately five of you decided to leave restaurant reviews. Of those five,* two have us a little bit concerned.

From an anonymous reviewer, on an anonymous restaurant:

I think the owner had snorted cocaine before attempting to make this menu.

From reviewer Jack, giving his form of support to Maravillas:

After a long night of binge drinking, nothing does me better in the morning/afternoon like a huge burrito and a cold mug of horchata…

Now, while we realize that the first anon is not copping to drug use himself, he clearly has a familiarity with it to the point where he can detect its influence in menu design. As for Jack, we gently point out to him that, among the other quite serious dangers associated with binge drinking (don’t do it, kids!), binge drinkers in the UK are increasingly discovering that — ready for this? — their bladders explode. Like, literally.

We don’t want that, Jack. Both because we care about you as a fellow human being, and because if this happens to you, you won’t be around to leave more reviews. Everything in moderation! Just say no! Get high on life!

*It was actually more than five.

[Photo: Puppy & beer (don’t try this at home!), via everydayexplorer’s Flickr]


Best of MenuPages Reviews: The First Step is Admitting You Have A Problem