Best of MenuPages Reviews: All You Need Is

One of our most vivid elementary school memories is of a teacher standing in front of the room explaining how a single word can be used in more than one way with the same meaning.

“You love your mom, right?” she said, and we nodded our heads.
“And you love cheeseburgers, right?” and we chirped our assent.
“But you don’t love cheeseburgers the same way you love your mom, do you?” she concluded triumphantly. And we oohed and ahhed at the wonders of verbal nuance.

Of course, then we grew up, and we had some really excellent cheeseburgers, and we began to wonder if we didn’t, after all, love cheeseburgers in perhaps the same exact way we love our mothers, which is to say that being near them fills us simultaneously with a sense of all being right in the world and also with a very strong desire to have a beer.

This week, MenuPages reviewers were also feeling the love. Some loves are quotidian:
• Anonymous on House of Wah Sun:

I love this place and anyone who loves Chinese food should stop by.

• Lisa from Oregon on Palace Grill:

I love the meatloaf and they have awesome bread.

Some loves are sublime:
• Anonymous on Simply It

I’m falling in love with Simply It.

• Anonymous on Thai Valley

I love Thai Valley… I love the people and especially the food… If you are ever around Wilson and Kedzie you have to try it you will fall in love.

But for every love that is good and pure, there is a love that makes our inner 12-year-old snicker and grin:
• An anon reviewer, for a restaurant that will go unnamed, but which might (we suspect) be the origin of all internet spam, ever:

i love asian meat. The best asian meat I’d ever had in my mouth.

So… maybe these are not all loves of the maternal-analog variety. We’ll not think too much about it for now, and just let love exist as that delicate, beautiful, many-splendored thing that it is.

[Photo: Made With Love, via helenlikesyou’s Flickr (um, that’s us!)]

Best of MenuPages Reviews: All You Need Is