Best of Menupage Reviews: Never Stop Learning

We might have left our school days behind us, but we relish the opportunity to expand our knowledge. It’s rare that we’ll come across a new thing or a fun fact that doesn’t make us jump up and down (sometimes metaphorically, sometimes literally). MenuPages reviewers are, as we’ve learned, wonderful teachers.

Reviewer “onastick” is clearly trying to tell us something (about our appearance? about our mental state?) in this review for Pockets:

the turkey chili is awsome for those cold winter nights and paired up with bread sticks and ranch dipping sauce its even better! don’t be afraid to check this one out my fluffy friends!

While we don’t necessarily think of ourselves as fluffy, we do like to think of ourself as fairly savvy on Kids These Days, flitting about with the 1337-speak and the txting and the being on our lawns. But we had never before encountered the emoticon that Anonymous gave us for Hollywood Grill. We shamefully admit that at first we thought it was a typo, but now we appreciate the counterpoint it provides to :P:

filling and satisfying food at any hour :9 the place can get super busy but the staff are very nice people.

And in closing, a virtually Homeric review from “almad,” who is apparently quite the fan of Carnitas Don Rafa. We truly, seriously, deeply appreciate her explanation of the menu items, and her helpful hint (no, seriously) for replicating the restaurant experience at home:

We are a big fan of carnitas . Carnitas is a very famous Mexican dish. It consists of braised pork and can be eaten by itself. Everyone who loves pork has to try this. If you are adventurous there are different parts of the pork to be savored, but if you are like me I stick to just to meat (masisa). Don Rafa’s carnitas are so juicy and flavorful. You can order a plate of carnitas which you can eat with hot tortillas, and the most amazing red salsa EVER!!!. They also give you a side of rice and beans. To tell you the truth I just order a Torta Don Rafa (A torta is a Mexican sandwich) … a sure hit. But … if for whatever reason you are not into eating pork .. there are plenty of amazing menu items to please the pickiest of eaters. They have lots of margaritas … their specialties is the mechiladas (I know I am not spelling this right … but try it and you won’t care how it’s spelled). The deserts are also good … but we never leave room for them (hard to)

Their children menu consisted of a smaller version of the adults menu. They brought her a cup of simple tomato/noodle soup and she just loved it. When her plate of mini tacos arrived with a side of french fries she exclaimed … “I like this restaurant”. Something that made both my husband and I sooo happy. Ohhhh and when everything was over they gave her a small Jell-O with a nice little toy (she even brought out her ‘Gracias’ which she learned from Dora to the waiter)

Well … for my summary … I just love it … love it …love it. The food is amazing … the price is awesome … the staff is super helpful (I think it is the same staff from years ago … always smiling)… the restaurant is so nice and clean (I dare you to go to the bathrooms … there is even a real changing table for those with little kids). I love that it’s kid friendly and that my daughter is looking forward to eating there again. Ohhh and if you want to take some carnitas home to eat later they sell them on the other side of the restaurant (take a lot of red salsa and then cook the carnitas with the salsa until the salsa is reduced … then just heat up some corn tortillas and voila … tacos).
Best of Menupage Reviews: Never Stop Learning