Best Indian Food Around

We’ve always loved Punjabi Dhaba. They are always serving up the freshest, most authentic Indian food available in the area. Sure there is generally a line forming, either inside or down the block, but the wait is never THAT long and is always worth it. Oh you’ve not eaten at Punjabi Dhaba? What are you waiting for, get over there!

Of course, you have your staples, naan, tikka masala, and saag paneer. However, there is something different about this place. The food is served in massive helpings onto metal trays, almost cafeteria like in a way. Some might be skeptical, until you put that first bite in your mouth. If you want to experience it inside, grab one of the seats at the large table upstairs, or a stool in the window. It’s a very homey experience.

And of course, there’s the pakoras. Oh lord how can we describe these tender little morsels of amazing? Perfectly cooked with a sweet sauce to dip in. The best snack to eat between bands, the best snack between beers at the bar, or even just as a treat to walk home with. Seriously, get the pakoras to start, end with the green tea ice cream, and pick ANYTHING to eat in the middle and you will be super duper happy.

Punjabi Dhaba [MenuPages]
Punjabi Dhaba [Official Site]

Photo: Frank H’s Flickr


Best Indian Food Around