Berrily We Roll Along

It’s berry season! Not just on the bushes (where, duh, there are actual berries), but also on the blogs. Posts about berries — eaten plain, baked into tarts, ordered on menus — are as multplicitous as, well, the berries themselves. A sampling:

• A gooseberry exegesis — so many flavors in such a tiny fruit! [Slashfood]

• Blueberry and creme fraiche gelato. We repeat: Blueberry. Creme fraiche. Gelato [Fruit Slinger]

• Rainy day DIY: lavender-blueberry salad dressing! [Straight From the Farm]

• Ever heard of black raspberries? We hadn’t, but now we feel like our life is incomplete. [Fruit Slinger]

• If you don’t want to handle the berries yourself, there’s a bonanza of berry-related menu items to be found across the city, including a blackberry bliss cake at M. Henry, and a dish of beef tartare with raspberries at TRU (which, let’s be honest, is the most amazing-sounding thing we’ve heard all day). [CenterstageChicago]

• Even if you don’t get them as a topping on your yogurt (if you don’t: why the hell didn’t you?), the name alone is enough at Berry Chill. [Chicago Bites]

Halle Berry.

[Photo: Chicago farmer’s market berries, via Mer’s Flickr]

Berrily We Roll Along