Being Michael Bauer

We had a brief moment of envy reading one of Michael Bauer’s recent posts about his dining schedule. Something about getting paid to sample some of the city’s finest menus is admittedly exotic and adventurous.

But then we came to our senses and realized that having to eat out every night of the week without pause would probably take away from the experience, not to mention make it nearly impossible for us discern a mediocre duck confit from one that begs for some attention from the folks at Zagat. Can professionally cooked food even taste good when it becomes an obligation?

Sure we get caught up in the eating-out-every-night-because-we’re too-busy-too cook routine just like every other urbanite with a full-time job, and yeah, going out to eat ranks a close second to going out for a drink on the San Francisco social scale. In fact, it seems like there are only two ways a conversation can go when it comes to making plans in for those SFsters without kids.

Conversation #1:

Friend: What are you doing after work?
Friend 2: Not a whole lot.
Friend: Want to check out that new restaurant on [insert previously defunct corner in previously defunct neighborhood]?
Friend 2: Sure. See you there at 7:30.

Conversation #2:

Friend: Any plans after work?
Friend 2: Not really. Was thinking about the gym.
Friend: Wanna meet up for a couple of drinks?
Friends: Sure. But I’ll need to eat something.
Friend 1: Cool. We can grab a bite at [insert name of hip tapas/Vietnamese/sushi spot that’s conveniently located next door to hip bar/lounge of choice].

That said, if we had Michael Bauer’s job and found ourselves having to check out a restaurant every night of the week to pay bills rather then doing so to have some time with friends and loved ones, well, we just might not be as into the San Francisco food scene as we so undoubtedly are.

This week we’ll be doing a nice mix of dining in and dining out. Reasons a restaurant in San Francisco will be getting our money and taste buds: a birthday (Burma Superstar) and sustenance before Eddie Izzard takes the stage at the Orpheum Theater Friday night (Tu Lan). Reasons we’re enjoying home cooked meals: laundry night, an anniversary, a dinner party and any opportunity to show off our simple recipe for grilled peaches and prosciutto.

Burma Superstar [MenuPages]
Burma Supertsar [Official Site]
Tu Lan [MenuPages]

[Photo: via Bach Tran/Flickr]

Being Michael Bauer