Baylessian Manifest Destiny

We noted on Monday that The Stew scooped the expansion of the Bayless haute-Mexican empire into a fast-service, churros-and-tortas, casual-lunchy kind of place. Leave it to Dish to get to a phone and get the story straight from Rick himself:

It’s going to be a tortería with a wood-burning oven. We will be doing classic regional Mexican sandwiches, a la plancha. All artisanal products. All the preparations will be in the front window. We’re grinding our own chocolate from Mexican cacao beans right on the premises. Nobody is doing that.

Other tidbits: Churros from 7am-10am and then again from 7pm-10pm, “crazy flavors” of ice cream like corn and lime, and the as-yet-unnamed eatery is taking over the Champagne Furniture space on Clark and Illinois (wonder if they know their lease isn’t going to be reupped, hm?)

Rick promises us a no-fail launch date in April 2009. If we call an arbitrary launch date of April 1, that’s 264 days, 20 hours, 50 minutes, and 41 seconds from now, as of the very instant of us hitting “publish” on this post.

Doing the Bristol Romp [Dish]

[Photo: Churros, via maijau’s Flickr]

Baylessian Manifest Destiny