Bar Boulud to Expand; Mia Dona Delivers

• With the neighboring Chase bank soon to be out of the picture, Bar Boulud can expand its bar space and add another kitchen. [NYP]

• If you’ve got the money and the willpower, turning a ten-pound pork belly into bacon at home is a cinch. [Salon]
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• Despite what the packaging says, a British court ruled that Pringles are not technically potato crisps because they are made from dough, not potato slices. [WSJ]

• If you’re not a fan of the noisy and narrow dining space at Mia Dona, you can now have the food delivered to you if you live in midtown. [Fork in the Road/VV]

• The fish used for Sasbune’s stellar sushi are handpicked by the chef every morning before the sun comes up. [Metromix]

• In response to customers ordering healthier food items based on caloric content, Starbucks will introduce healthier and more nutritious food offerings this fall. [amNY]

• Though lobsters may move about when being cooked, they probably can’t feel pain, according to most scientists, so don’t feel bad about steaming them. [Moment/NYT]

Bar Boulud to Expand; Mia Dona Delivers