Amy Sacco Is Getting Something Off the Ground at Aviator Field

The London lover has a London lover.
The London lover has a London lover. Photo: Getty Images

New York reporter Jada Yuan ran into Amy Sacco yesterday at a screening of Bridesehead Revisted and asked her what she thought about the Eldridge, designer Matt Levine’s attempt to open a club as exclusive as Bungalow 8. Is nightlife really as lacking in creativity as Levine thinks it is? Sacco loves her some London, but with a project at Aviator Field in the works, she hasn’t given up on New York just yet.

What’s the most exciting new project you’re working on?
It’s something in the aviation field. That’s all I can say. I’m doing so much consulting, which is why I sold the restaurant. I have this great stuff that I’m totally psyched about.

Will you ever sell Bungalow 8?
God no. I love that place. It’s my little home.

How long can you keep it running?
As long as I can. But they run without me. London is doing fine without me, and New York is getting over it, so they’re getting better at it.

Have you heard of the Eldridge? It’s a new Lower East Side lounge that’s strictly VIP. You need an entrance card to get in.
Well, good luck. Listen, there’s room for everybody. I look forward to meeting this entrepreneurial young man, if I haven’t met him already and was too happy or swinging from palm trees to remember.

He says there’s no creativity left in nightlife.
I think there’s a lot of creativity in nightlife. There’s too many rules and regulations that have taken a lot of the fun out of fun. New York is to the point where it’s almost like a police state. If you have to card every single person coming in the door, even if they’re sixty, because they get all grumpy on you, it gets old.

What’s the difference between the way British men and American men hit on you?
British men, it’s like the great white hunter. They hide out in the bush a bit, and then they wait for everyone else to leave and then they go in for the kill. American guys are like, “Uh, so. Uh.” Not sexy.

British men are sexier?
Fabulous! I’m dating someone from London. It’s all about London, baby. All I can say is, “Yeah, baby!”

How did he pick you up?
I had a date and I went to a concert, and we were with some friends and I ended up in this restaurant because of this person I was on a date with, and I had the most amazing food. And we met the staff because one of them used to work in London for me, so I knew them a bit and told them to come out with me. And they said, “I don’t think it’s such a good idea.” And I said, “Well, it will never be a good idea, so you might as well come out anyways.” And he was part of the staff. So I think I hit on him. I just dragged everybody over from the place, and that was it. He’s an amazing chef. I only like talent, people who have real energy and like what they do.

Do you go to confession a lot?
I’m taking confessions at Bungalow 8. It’s called candlelight confessions, and if you want to come in and tell me something or tell someone else something, then we’re going to put it all in a capsule and open it in years to come. Right now, it’s at Bungalow. I’ve got a flip phone with video, and when you can’t see at night, you hold up a candle and you can say anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to say to anybody. It’s like the illuminati. It’s the confessions of the dangerous minds, because they’ve been boozing it up too much in the clubs. They’ve been very interesting so far. I’ve been quite impressed.

Amy Sacco Is Getting Something Off the Ground at Aviator Field