Guided Tours Help Your Feet Find The Food

Summer is coming and so is your family. If you’re lucky, maybe your friends will visit too. It’s not that we think taking the architectural boat tour for the ninth time or drinking an overpriced martini on the 95th floor of the Hancock Building is a bad idea (okay, we lie a little) but we’re here to offer a better option. Take a food tour!

For $40, Chicago Food Planet will lead you on a 3-hour, 8-stop trek through the Gold Coast, Old Town and Lincoln Park any day of the week. Restaurant and shop names aren’t disclosed, but rest assured you’ll have plenty to sample, including Chicago’s famous stuffed pizza (that’s thin crust, heavy on ingredients—not to be confused with the thick crust, cheese-gagging deep dish variety). Other stops include a Middle Eastern deli, a chocolate lounge and shops dedicated to spices and herbs, cheese, olive oil and fudge. If you’ve got a picky eater in your pack, accommodations can be made with advance notice.

That covers lunch, but your mom still wants to hear about the buildings. Chicago Food Planet guides cover that too. As you stroll through these historic neighborhoods (thankful not to be elbowing your way up Michigan Avenue) your guide will give you a cultural narrative of the neighborhood and its establishments. Pick up tips on where to shop, worthy restaurants and entertainment venues. Still no dinner reservations for the weekend? Use your time wisely and make a reservation while you’re on the tour. After an afternoon of walking, it’ll be time to eat again soon.

Serious sugar junkies will want to reserve their $40 for Chicago Chocolate Tours. Pick from four 6-stop routes: Loop, Andersonville and Uptown, Magnificent Mile and State Street or Magnificent Mile and Oak Street. This is sure to satisfy crabby and happy visitors alike, but only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Chicago Food Planet [Official Site]
Chicago Chocolate Tours [Official Site]

[Photo: food tour patron via Chicago Food Planet]

Guided Tours Help Your Feet Find The Food