We Built This Ship On Rock and Roll

Okay, the lyrics claim this “city” was built on rock and roll, but we couldn’t resist discussing a yacht named the Starship without a little mention of our favorite cheesy 80’s lyrics. But in all seriousness, we hopped aboard the Starship yacht at their accessible South Boston waterfront dock, and found the experience to be delightful.

An $8 million, 600 passenger yacht fit for a party held by P. Diddy, the Starship has sailed up for the summer from its permanent home in Tampa Bay. Now open for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch cruises, it’s a great alternative to the traditional restaurant atmosphere. And with the beauty of the Boston harbor included with your meal, how can one resist?

If you like a strong ocean breeze with your cocktail, head to the front of the top deck (Ladies, don’t wear thin dresses unless you want to give Captain Nemo and his crew quite the show. We learned from experience). Inside the ship, the extremely pleasant wait staff is eager to serve your every need. Luckily, there are bars on both floors, so our needs were pretty much met.

When it comes to food, a variety of seafood dishes from sauteed shrimp to mussels made us feel like we were truly on vacation. And if it’s possible to escape reality for even just a lunch cruise, then we’re definitely all aboard.

Yacht Starship [Official Site]

[Photo: Yacht Starship]

We Built This Ship On Rock and Roll