Time Out Chicago & Tribune: Iced Coffee, Oatmeal, Pisco Sours, Albany Park

This week is very foodie concept-oriented, even if it doesn’t always deliver.

• Mike Nagrant rounds up Albany Park, of one of Chicago’s best dining neighborhoods, where you can flit from Central American to Middle Eastern to Korean without breaking a sweat (at least in the winter) [TOC]

• We love this cocktail feature with Sepia’s Peter Vestinos. This week, he’s recommending a strawberry pisco sour. Once, in Lima, we had a coca pisco sour — it was very strong [TOC]

• The couple behind Mado like head-to-tail pork, Kuma’s Corner, and the New Pornographers. Totally! [TOC]

• Monica Eng compiles a ranking of Chicago’s chain store iced coffees. Seattle’s Best wins, with Starbucks coming in second. No artisanal ice coffees are included in the piece, which is disappointing. And where’s the requisite shout-out to cold-brewed ice coffee? Oh well [Tribune]

• This photo gallery of the iced coffees is strange, but archival and informative. Plus, Eng sneaks in a few artisanal iced coffees, after all. Don’t let Zell hold you down! [Tribune]

• Phil Vettel gets in a lengthy post-Beard interview with Grant Achatz, and it’s informative. Well, not really; we’ve heard a lot of this stuff from Grant before. But still, of the moment! [Tribune]

• Christopher Borrelli continues his love affair with breakfast in this mash note to oatmeal. Borrelli has uncovered a rare subspecies of the pan-seared suburban variety, and goes on to describe the “perfect summer oatmeal” [Tribune]

And the reviews:

• Phil Vettel can’t get enough of Tallulah, the Lincoln Square New American bistro. He lists the dishes he likes (most of them) and doesn’t (…) in a fairly straightforward manner to drive his point home [Tribune]

• David Tamarkin goes to Viaggio, formerly Jay’s Amore (note to restaurants: please keep your Fax ID up-to-date! We can’t tell you how many restaurants have sent us menus with the space’s previous tenant on the header; Viaggio’s menu will be online tomorrow), and finds a serious Italian feast in progress. We’re kept in suspense for the entire review about the gravy, which turns out to be delicious and monstrous in portion [TOC]

[Photo: this oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwich is our preferred summer oatmeal treatment, via jen_m_stewart/flickr]


Time Out Chicago & Tribune: Iced Coffee, Oatmeal, Pisco Sours, Albany Park