There’s Nothing Square About Ice Cream — Except This

Something about this ice cream scoop (a Cuisipro featured on Boing Boing Gadgets) looks familiar:

What is it? Where have we seen that perfect cylinder of ice cream on a cake cone before? Think, think…

Of course! The ice cream counter at Thrifty Drugs! Anybody remember that? At the risk of showing some age here, those of us who did any growing up in Southern California ought to take a minute and celebrate that institution that made mom’s stupid trip to the drug store worthwhile. And then when we got old enough to ride our bikes to the store alone, it was the one thing worthwhile we could afford. Even in the 80s, a $0.25 scoop of ice cream was a hell of a deal.

Of course, it went to $0.50, then $0.75, then we moved away, and who knows if Rite Aid, which eventually bought Thrifty, even sells it anymore (actually, according to this Chowhound thread, they do, which is heartening).

Anyway, dang, one of those weird, cheap, fantastic scoops would go down pretty nicely right now. Anybody in LA want to send one express mail? If not, we may have to make do with one of those Cuisipro things.

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[Photo: via Boing Boing]

There’s Nothing Square About Ice Cream — Except This