The Perfect Taco

Boston’s love of Mexican food is no secret at all, as walking in almost any neighborhood you will find a place with a decent burrito. But what about the burrito’s underappreciated younger sibling, the taco? Well Olecito is there to help all your taco craving needs. Located across the street from its big sister restaurant Ole Mexican Grill, Olecito’s storefront feels comfortable and familiar from the first visit.

The staff at Olecito is always friendly and there to help. The Baja taco (battered shrimp, pickled cabbage, chipotle mayonnaise, cilantro pesto) can sometimes have an overwhelming portion of the chipotle mayo, but just asking for the staff to go light on it will create an original and downright tasty taco. Other offerings include filling tortas, cheesy quesadillas, and filling burritos. When it comes to tacos however, Olecito provides us with something special.

The Rajas taco at Olecito might just change your life. Comprised of homemade guacamole, lettuce, black beans, poblano peppers and shredded jack cheese…well, you get the idea. The peppers melt in your mouth and offer a very slight hint of spice, the cheese has just the perfect amount of melt and for the low price of $2.75, it’s pretty darn filling for a taco. Stop on into Olecito sometime before going to the Abbey Lounge or one of the other great bars in the neighborhood, and you will surely be a returning customer like we are.

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[Photo: Jared Razzano/Flickr]


The Perfect Taco