The Monday Report: The Heat Is On

It’s sad to think that fires and sky-rocketing rents are claiming multiple restaurants in the city. But cheer up…There’s a new Hooters coming to Saugus!


Beacon Hill: Anna’s Taqueria has finally opened on Cambridge Street across from MGH. You can now enjoy one of their delectable breakfast burritos on your walk to work, because they’ll be open at 7am on the weekdays. [Burrito Blog]

East Boston: Come July, the former site of Sablone’s Veal n’ Vintage will become a restaurant named Ecco. [The Hubster]

Lower Mills: Dorchester continues to be a popular spot booming with diversity. Meanwhile, The Ledge Restaurant and Bar is hoping to capitalize on the revamping of the neighborhood. [Lower Dot]

Saugus: Last but certainly not least, Hooters is opening up in Saugus. So grab your grandma and your best set of pearls, because you want to look spiffy for this crowd. [Chowhound]


Allston: Yet again, another gem in Allston has been claimed by fire. Good Korean food is hard to find, so Hanmaru will be missed. [Chowhound]

Allston: Rumor has it the same fire that wrecked Hanmaru also claimed Color. Let’s hope they will rebuild. [Chowhound]

Huron Village: Jamaican food will become even more rare now that Ortanique is closed. With rents so ridiculously high, it must have been hard to stay afloat. [Chowhound]

[Photo: Free Foto]

The Monday Report: The Heat Is On