The Monday Report: Duck Tongue, Anyone?

This week kicked off the official start of summer, so deal with the fact that you have no air conditioning by spending time in the restaurants with your friends and family.


Allston: A Taiwanese restaurant named Jo Jo TaiPei has taken the spot of the New Trend Eatery. The buzz is very positive, so go get yourself some of the duck tongue that’s on the menu. [Chowhound]

Brookline: A new barbecue restaurant and bar named Roadhouse Craft Beer & BBQ is coming to town. Hey, we just like anything that has the same name as a Patrick Swayze movie. [Craigslist]

Cambridge: The KFC/Taco Bell on Mass Ave in Porter Square has a menu posted that says “Banjo- BBQ & Deli Combo.” Not sure if this means the KFC is leaving, but life would definitely still go on if Colonel Sanders was forced into a retirement community. [Chowhound]

Roslindale: Roslindale Square now has a new sandwich shop called the Square Corner Cafe. Rumor has it the menu has everything from paninis and calzones to pasta dishes, as well as a great kids menu. So break out those retractable toddler leashes and head to Rozzie. [Universal Hub]

Jamaica Plain: Planet Pizza has been mysteriously closed for two weeks. The curious readers at Chowhound have ruled out health code violations or a death in the owner’s family, so it will be interesting to see if anything new is coming in. [Chowhound]

[Photo: WBUR]

The Monday Report: Duck Tongue, Anyone?