Surpassing The Standards

Outdoor drinking is definitely a favorite past time of many Bostonians, but most bar patios in the city cater to scantily clad college girls with bad blonde highlights taking tequila shots while singing along to Bon Jovi. If you’re looking for a more low key evening, check out the late night patio at Eastern Standard. Instead of typical standing room only and cheap beach furniture, Eastern Standard decorates its patio with cushioned wicker chairs and couches that are actually comfortable to lounge in. And with lively Kenmore Square in the background, people watching is a prime activity.

For those of you interested in carrying on a conversation without being drowned out by the Bon Jovi previously mentioned, the patio at Eastern Standard is ideal. Since the kitchen stays open late, you can order anything off the menu without getting the typical “the kitchen is closed” from your waiter. And when it comes to beverages, it’s impossible to be disapointed. Besides a wine list that no dedicated oenophile could complain is incomplete, the bar offers a variety of delectable concoctions. Our favorite is the Strawberry Cobbler, a delicious infusion of strawberry vodka, mint, and fresh fruit.

It’s always a pleasure to get our required daily dose of vitamin C in combination with expensive vodka. But anything for our health, right?

Eastern Standard [Official Site]

[Photo: mod*betty/Flickr]

Surpassing The Standards