Receipt Follies: Abbreviated Entertainment

A little cheap receipt humor for your Friday afternoon? Sure, why not! Most of these are pretty base, but oh well. Enjoy!

• Sticky Rice w/ Mango, via Aysha Photography:

It gets much worse after the jump…

• Shitake Nigiri, via kingjen:

• Fifteen Extra Bacons, via avikovacevich:

• Fresh Young Coconut Juice, via UBigDummy:):

• Heaven is cheap, via Kris Kumar:

• Land O’ Lakes Butter, via simplygeeky:

• Small Root Beer, via Golden Iris:

• Plate of fries, via JuliaHen:

• Dungeness Crab Salad, via Andrew Huff:

• Fetish coffee, via Neven Mrgan:

Don’t you feel uplifted? Have a good weekend.

[Photos: Flickr]


Receipt Follies: Abbreviated Entertainment