Reader & Sun-Times: Criticizing Your Favorite Eateries

A hundred zillion new reviews hit the presses today for restaurants new and old, major and minor.

Even Pat Bruno can’t muster too much excitement for uninspired All-You-Can-Meat ZED451. He chides:

But a lot of what they offered was either dry (the chicken and the pork) or not hot enough (the mahi-mahi) or rather tasteless. Zed 451 should consider putting an assortment of sauces on the table and guiding the customer accordingly.

Pretty harsh! On the other hand, he cannot get enough of the Cuban stylings of Cafe Laguardia, so all is not lost.

Meanwhile, the Reader’s featuring three reviews for notable mid-scale openings. Mike Sula had the same reaction to Mado that David Tamarkin did: everything is seasonal, fresh, delicious and occasionally overpriced, and it’s impossible to recommend individual dishes because they’ll be off the menu by publication date. Still, certainly an endorsement!

Anne Spiselman quite likes fancy new Indian restaurant Veerasway, although the appetizers and sides seem to best the entrees. David Hammond wants to make sure we realize that Mixteco Grill is not just your run-of-the-mill taco joint. Instead, pan-Mexican mole madness! Or something to that effect.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Reader also published a slew of new reviews for evidently less notable restaurants like Big Jones, Park 52 and Shochu, which have been given big play in other publications. One wonders how feature-vs.-supplement decisions are made…

[Photo: salmon cucumber nage at Veerasway, via kayovv/flickr]


Reader & Sun-Times: Criticizing Your Favorite Eateries