Pringles Can Designer’s Final Resting Place: A Pringles Can

Remember that guy in the Chicago Suburbs who had a Pabst Blue Ribbon coffin made for him? We thought that admirable, but a new bar has been set for product-placement in burial. Word comes to us through Boing Boing that the designer of the Pringles can has died and had his cremated remains buried in an actual Pringles can. From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Dr. Fredric J. Baur was so proud of having designed the container for Pringles potato crisps that he asked his family to bury him in one.

His children honored his request. Part of his remains was buried in a Pringles can - along with a regular urn containing the rest - in his grave at Arlington Memorial Gardens in Springfield Township.

Dr. Baur, a retired organic chemist and food storage technician who specialized in research and development and quality control for Procter & Gamble, died May 4 at Vitas Hospice. The College Hill resident was 89.

According to the article, the Pringles can was Baur’s “proudest accomplishment.” The Proctor and Gamble compliance specialist and food-storage technician received a patent for the can and sealing method in 1970.

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[Photo: Pringles Cans via Marc’s International Pringles Can Collection]

Pringles Can Designer’s Final Resting Place: A Pringles Can