Presidential Politics Goes Microbrew

We’ve all heard Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is a beer drinker. He sure likes his Pabst Blue Ribbon, at least on the campaign trail. But now word comes that he’s actually going to have his own brew. From Chow’s Grinder:

In Kenya, Barack Obama’s father’s homeland, they’ve been drinking Obama beer for months, and now one American brewery is offering its own Obama-inspired suds. Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Craft Ales is now brewing small batches of Hop Obama ale, to be available in bars and restaurants in New York and Massachusetts.

This is great news, as fans of the candidate/second coming can order the beers to support him, and detractors can make fun of those brews as they sip whatever brand they can trace back to wholesaler Hensley, the beer distributer started by Republican candidate John McCain’s father in law.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious (and harmonious!) if Hensley picked up Six Point’s Obama brew as a product? Somehow, though, it doesn’t appear McCain would approve. Aside from his obvious political differences with the brew’s namesake, he’s apparently not so hot, in general, on the nation’s favorite sudsy treat:

It’s going to be a long, weird election season. Better lay in a stock of cold ones early, whatever your brand or distributer.

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Presidential Politics Goes Microbrew