The Largest Restaurant In The World

We’ve got a new record, folks. Chances are, you won’t have a hard time reserving a table at the Damascus Gate restaurant in Syria, the newly certified largest restaurant in the world. But God help you if they mix up your order. According to the blog World Amazing Records,

During the busy summer months up to 1,800 staff are employed in the 54,000 sq-m dining area and 2,500 sq-m kitchen. The open air area complete with waterfalls, fountains and replicas of archaeological ruins for the summer, and there are separate themed sections for Chinese and Indian cuisine.

The Damascus Gate, which serves 6,014, replaces Bangkok’s Mang Gorn Luang, which only holds 5,000 diners. Talk about your hole in the wall! Check out this BBC video of the new champ.

So yes, it’s very big. But is it any good? Well, that was harder to pin down. Two commenters on a Topix post said it was great, and the BBC quoted the manager as saying, “In this part of the world, all people care about is their stomachs, so the food has to be the best.” Not exactly a Michelin star, but definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

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[Photo: via World Amazing Records]

The Largest Restaurant In The World