North Philly Pizzeria Owner Shot Dead

Disgusting. The 44-year-old owner of North Philadelphia’s Carnival Pizza was shot to death last night while closing up shop. The killer, Cordell Adams, lived on the same block as the pizzeria and was a personal acquiantance of owner Aly E. Elkaied and his family.

Adams is a convicted drug dealer who is on probation and also had two pending drug-dealing cases in the dock. According to the Inquirer:

Cordell Adams, 23, lives on the same block as the pizza shop and was known to employees. When the gunman announced the robbery, he looked at Elkaied and said, “Aly, give me the money,” said Homicide Capt. James Clark.

Elkaied, a father of four, and the gunman got into a struggle, prompting other employees and family members to intervene, said Officer Tanya Little of the Public Affairs Unit. The others at the store at the time got the handgun - a silver .380-caliber semiautomatic - and subdued Adams until officers arrived, police said.

Elkaied was an Oxford Circle resident who had lived in the United States for the past 17 years. Meanwhile, the usual pious words will be uttered and we’ll have to read about another senseless, pointless Philly death in the papers tomorrow. Whatever. PPD, step up to the ball.

North Philadelphia pizza-shop owner killed; famiily captures suspect [Inquirer]

[Photo: Carnival Pizza via April Saul/Inquirer]

North Philly Pizzeria Owner Shot Dead