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Tom Colicchio Punctures the Myth of the Faux-Hawk

Tom Colicchio talks hair and the lack of it.
Tom Colicchio talks hair and the lack of it. Photo: Patrick McMullan

New York’s Jada Yuan was at the James Beard Awards last night to check in with Bobby Flay, Drew Nieporent, Danny Meyer, David Chang, and the other gastro-luminaries who came to Lincoln Center, and she put together a culinary-world Party Lines slideshow that has a little something for everyone. But her interview with Tom Colicchio was so good that we thought it worthy of printing in its entirety.

After-party plans?
I’m going home. No, I’m going to Gramercy Tavern to congratulate the team there, and then I’m going home.

What happened to the Chang mobile?
You know, David asked me to go on the Chang mobile and it was too much for me.

What happens on the Chang bus?
I have no idea, and even if I did, I would be sworn to secrecy. Journalists are just not invited to the Chang mobile.

Is the Chang mobile a one-time thing, or does David always have a party bus?
I think it’s this one night only. David does not have a permanent party bus as far as I know. But I go home when I’m done cooking. I’m not young like those guys. I can’t do what they do anymore. I work, I go home.

Does a faux-hawk make you a better chef?
I don’t think it’s like a Samson thing, where your faux-hawk gives you strength. In fact, I don’t think anyone who’s had a faux-hawk has won.

What about Hung?
I would not classify that as a faux-hawk.

So do shaved heads make you a better chef?
That’s just great. Men with shaved heads are always better. Just ask my wife. [To wife Lori Silverbush] Aren’t shaved heads great?
Silverbush: Much easier on the thighs.
Colicchio: [blushing and laughing hysterically] That was off the record!

Party Lines: The 2008 James Beard Awards

Tom Colicchio Punctures the Myth of the Faux-Hawk