National Cherry Tart Day Is A Scrumptious Sham!

On Eater this morning, we saw that today is National Cherry Tart Day. This is actually the subject of some controversy: some sources list the holiday as today, while others peg it as tomorrow. Maybe it’s a lunar holiday and it begins at sundown or something?

We sniffed around for corroboration, but none of the Unofficial National Cherry Homepage, the National Cherry Growers & Industries Foundation, or even the National Cherry Festival (scheduled for July 5-12) had anything to say on the matter.

Apparently, these fake national holidays are often sponsored by commercial concerns who lobby Congress to have their products reified as a named date (this is sort of how the saint days work, too). Of course, the government doesn’t bother to keep an easily accessible record of their assignments, so we tried skulking around the Congressional record a bit. While we discovered some interesting tidbits about how 2002 was a terrible year for Michigan cherry farmers, it does not appear as though Congress has had much to say on National Cherry Tart Day since at least 1993.

It’s just as likely that some enterprising cherry marketer simply invented National Cherry Tart Day one afternoon and emailed (or snail mailed, depending on when this occurred) interested parties and one thing led to another and voila, here we are blogging about it. But it ultimately doesn’t matter; all this chatter was just an excuse to show you some delicious cherry tarts we found on Flickr:

Cherry tart with Graham crust, via show and tell:

More cherry tart delirium after the jump…

Spiced pickled cherry and almond tart with cherry custard and whipped vanilla cream, via AussieBarracuda:

Gluten-free, dairy-free, eggless and free of refined sugar pecan-crusted cherry tart, via lastbeanburrito:

Cherry tart with Graham crust (but a different recipe from that first one), via shutterbean:

Cherry tart baked at 1am, via soundless_space:

National Cherry Tart Day Is A Scrumptious Sham!