Mission Beach Cafe

Confession: We didn’t know where Mission Beach Cafe was.

For months people have been telling us to check out this café when we’re in the Mission—“They have great coffee,” “It’s a good place to work remotely.”—but something about the name made it hard to process. Mission Beach? Where can you access beach or ocean in the Mission? It didn’t matter how many times people said, “It’s on 14th and Guerrero. Right on the corner,” we just couldn’t wrap our head around the idea.

Well, it’s a good thing our sweetie lives a block away because we would never have checked this place out, which is absurd because it really is worth checking out. First of all, it’s not just a café; it’s a full-blown restaurant serving lunch and dinner as well as brunch on the weekends. In fact, we would say that the ambiance is much more upscale dining rather than casual café, but there’s no reason this should stop anyone from going for a to-go cup and a pastry. All of the pastries are made fresh on-site everyday and we can highly recommend the raspberry turnover seeing as we had it two days in a row. Like many specialty coffee places these days, they brew coffee per cup with each cup getting it’s own drip filter and as one would expect from this process the result is pretty darn satisfying.

We haven’t had a meal here yet, but it’s on the schedule. The menus look impressive and if their entrees are given the same attention as their coffee and pastries we’re sure this will quickly become a favorite for us.

Mission Beach Cafe [Official Site]

[Photo: Tea at Mission Beach Cafe via SanFranAnnie/flickr]

Mission Beach Cafe