Miso Hungry

Look inside our veins, and you’ll find soy sauce flowing freely. Well no, not really. But we really do love sushi, no matter if it’s at one of Boston’s top Japanese restaurants, or the refrigerated section of City Convenience (Yes, we admit to eating that). But almost every year, one restaurant takes the cake and is crowned “Boston’s Best Sushi”: Ma Soba, at the top of Cambridge Street in Beacon Hill. What makes them our personal favorite? First of all is the freshness of fish. Bite into one salmon roll at Ma Soba, and you’ll swear it was shipped overnight from the wilds of Alaska. Our favorite roll is the Fuji, an amazing wrap of baked salmon and avocado.

In addition to sushi, Ma Soba offers a variety of Chinese and Thai selections that won’t disapoint. With everything from fried rice to Pad Thai, Ma Soba is a veritable pupu platter of Asian cuisine. But let us not forget one of our favorite components of an Asian meal: The beverages. When we lived in Japan, we often subsisted on the holy trinity of Japanese beers: Kirin, Asahi, and Sapporo. Ma Soba offers each one in 12 or 22 ounce glasses, and at $5 each for 12 oz, its a steal. Typical Boston restaurants charge nearly twice as much for Japanese beers, due to the ridiculous importing prices.

We’re pretty positive you’ll fall in love with Ma Soba’s menu in one sitting. So much so, that you’ll never want to say goodbye. Or in this case, sayonara.

Ma Soba [Official Site]

[Photo: Ma Soba]

Miso Hungry