Let the Cachaca Flow

With summertime upon us, our thoughts have naturally turned to summertime drinks. And one of our favorite ingredients for these drinks is cachaca, the Brazilian spirit made from cane sugar. Like anyone else, we love a good caipirinha; there are many good caipirinhas to be had around town, and we particularly like the ones at Zuzu. Caipirinhas are labor-intensive, and ZuZu! has never served us one that skimped on the crushed lime or the sugar. (Caipirinhas might be light, but they are not a drink for dieters.)

While we will happily drink caipirinhas all summer, we wonder if there’s any locale serving other cachaca-based drinks. Given the sizable Brazilian population, we’d be inclined to think so. (Or maybe all the clever concocting happens behind closed doors?) Having spent a bit of time in Brazil, we know that not all cachaca ends up in caipirinhas, and that not all caipirinhas are made with lime (although kiwi and passionfruit, a couple of the variations we’ve tried, are not often stocked in bars). If anyone knows where to go for good non-caipirinha cachaca drinks, or where we might find variations on the standard, lime caipirinha, please let us know.

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[Photo: caipirinha via Dieleute’s cocktail page]


Let the Cachaca Flow