LeNell Still Looking for a New York Home

Grub Street crush and beloved bourbon queen LeNell Smothers may stay in New York after all, according to her latest e-mail. How about Chinatown or Bed-Stuy? LeNell’s words are below.

Been burning the rubber off the shoes and truck tires looking for a new home. Thanks to all who have expressed love and support, for the hugs and prayers. Keep letting us know of any viable storefronts. Part of the difficulty in locating a space is that we have to be several feet from a church, school, and other liquor stores.

We know many of you prefer that we move to Manhattan, but we are just not sure we wanna be on the edge of Chinatown in a smaller space than we have now. My staff and I have discussed pros and cons of many options. We really want to be in a neighborhood where we are not just another biz on the block. We want to be an active part of a community. Call me a daydreamer, but this is really important to us.

I explored some options in the South. While my friends and family would love to see me “come home”, they also know me well enough to know I belong in New York and threatened to beat some sense into me. Maybe they just want a place to crash when they come visit! ha ha

Seriously, though. I never felt at home anywhere except this big bad mean ole City. I haughtily said months ago that if I wasn’t in Red Hook, I wasn’t interested in other areas of Brooklyn. Well, after exploring Bed Stuy this past week, I’m reconsidering that thought. Bed Stuy, can you love a skinny white girl with a load of whiskey? If you’ve been trekking out to Red Hook to shop here, would you make the trip to a space a few blocks from a subway in Bed Stuy?

In the meantime, I paid my June rent and we are taking it day by day.

BTW, a shout out to the lingerie designer who made me laugh by sending me a box of fun things (many in leopard print) to lift my depressed spirits. I got the best customers in the world! And, if you pay extra for that private whiskey class, I’ll model my new goodies for you. JUST KIDDING! Don’t go posting stupid shit on blogs now.

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LeNell Still Looking for a New York Home