Kids Cook The Darndest Things

In this age of precocious little journobrats eating scorpions and snails and Top Chef Junior (not to mention 2007 Beard Award-winning Spatulatta), we were completely unsurprised to receive a notice about Chicago’s very first Kids’ Restaurant Week.

The week-long festival starts on Saturday, June 21st at the Green City Market, and it’s being sponsored by Cookie (some kind of modern mother magazine) and Gourmet (some kind of food publication). That day, George Bumbaris of Prarie Grass Café, Rick Bayless of Topolobampo and, in fact, the Spatulatta Girls, will be giving cooking demos.

Blue Water Grill, Lula Cafe, Zealous , OTOM, Vie, and Uncommon Ground (among other notable restaurants) are also on board, with kid-friendly tastings and the like. It’s $20.08 a person, but kids under 12 pay their age; reasonable enough. A buck from each meal goes to the Green City Market, which is a cause.

If you insist on introducing your kids to expensive restaurant dining — which, given the industry we’re in, you absolutely should — better to do it in this discrete environment far away from our 8pm table. God forbid, the children might even learn something!

Kids’ Restaurant Week [Official Site

[Photo: we refuse to make a baby-in-the-microwave joke, via lincolnblues/flickr]

Kids Cook The Darndest Things