Inside Abdullah The Butcher’s House Of Ribs & Chinese Food

Former pro wrestler Abdullah the Butcher may just run the coolest restaurant of all time.

It’s called Abdullah the Butcher’s House of Ribs & Chinese Food. Located in a converted 7-11 on the outskirts of Atlanta, the menu includes everything from rib tip and chicken combo dinners to almond chicken to some killer fish sandwiches. The sides include some great southern greens and, of course, the sweet tea is free-flowing.

The food isn’t bad. However, the highlight is the floor show. Unlike some other celebrity restaurant owners, Abdullah (nee Lawrence Shreve) frequently hangs out at his own restaurant. While he’s there, the former wrestler lets guests put quarters into his head. You see, Abdullah has deep grooves in his forehead from self-inflicted wounds he gave himself to bleed more in the ring.

Here’s what Atlanta alt-weekly Creative Loafing had to say:

The best attraction is Shreve, who is usually present – and pleasant. He kindly thanks people for coming and eating, hanging out in the dining area smiling and answering questions in his sweet voice.

Abdullah’s culinary split personality represented by two registers for orders – an African-American woman at one, and an Asian woman at the other. If it’s busy, line integrity disintegrates and either cashier will take your order. But the duality is strangely disturbing.

Barbecue selections are kept simple: Ribs, rib tips and chicken. The ribs are smoked in a small building next to the main structure. Thankfully, the rib meat is soft, pink and tender. […] I wasn’t at all tempted by the thought of Chinese food at a rib shack. Finally, though, I bit the bullet and ordered a serving of “Abdullah’s Favorite” (6.99) from a list that includes standards like kung pao chicken and lo mein. The mix of miniature shrimp, beef strips, green peppers, baby corn, carrots and mushrooms was sauteed in a sweet sauce and served with a side of fried rice. […] But honestly, it’s generic Chinese for the masses – and like Abdullah himself, it’s not half as scary as you might suspect.

Pro wrestling, barbecue and Chinese food? Sign us up.

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(Photo: Abdullah’s House of Ribs via WFMU)

Inside Abdullah The Butcher’s House Of Ribs & Chinese Food