Ice, Ice Blue Bottle Baby

It’s nice to be back in the City after going away for a while. We were on a much needed vacation on an island far away from tall buildings, traffic and food establishments on every corner. That said, it’s not surprising that upon our return we’ve been hitting up the almost stereotypical SF food staples like they’re going out style. Over-sized carnitas burrito from Guadalajara? Check. Steamed barbeque pork from that one place near the house? Check? Blue Bottle Coffee Cafe…well, we hate to be those people, but yeah we totally just went there this morning and enjoyed the hell out of the experience.

Blue Bottle definitely does not need any more press or publicity, we know they don’t, but this bright, warm, lovely San Francisco morning we walked to work and stopped in for a little pick-me-up and decided that our experience warranted some blogging. Everyone knows that Blue Bottle has fancy coffee makers and fancy coffee, but what’s not so talked about is their pretty amazing iced coffee.

You’ve got two options for iced coffee — Kyoto and New Orleans — which is already setting the bar high. We had the New Orleans this morning because the description was so inviting. Chicory is the secret ingredient, but they also slightly sweeten it and add a little milk. Good choice on a day like today, it was smooth and refreshing. The only hang up came when our sweetie innocently asked for a straw — apparently Blue Bottle does not subscribe to the straw with chilled beverage status quo. They also don’t believe in plastic cups for chilled beverages, but for the sake of the environment (which is so much more important) we quickly got over the concept of a soggy paper cup (which, by the way, never became an issue).

Bottom line: the New Orleans iced coffee is fantastic. It’s been several hours at this point since we finished it and we’re still enjoying the sweet aftertaste. And thanks to fellow blogger Adam Martin, we also now know that it can help prevent heart disease.

Blue Bottle Coffee Cafe [Official Site]

[Photo: Blue Bottle SoMa via [177]/flickr]

Ice, Ice Blue Bottle Baby