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Harvard Grad Couldn’t Find His Way Out of a Bar With a Key; First Impressions of Sheridan Square

Astoria: Mundo Cafe will bring back its summer menu next week. Which means the return of Hungarian cherry soup, which only looks like Pepto-Bismol. [Joey in Astoria]
Carroll Gardens: Yes, that’s a giant gondola made out of ice in the window of Marco Polo. The restaurant’s celebrating its 25th anniversary, but no, they probably won’t let you ride it even in this heat. [Lost City]
Greenwich Village: Recently opened Thunder Jackson’s has good bar food, but the forties of Miller High Life served in paper bags are $12. [Bottomless Dish/Citysearch]
Upper East Side: Frank Bruni finds the most interesting outcome of the Beard Awards to be Café Boulud’s Gavin Kaysen as Rising Star Chef since “this says a lot about the impression Kaysen has made, or rather how quickly he’s made it. And it says a lot about Daniel Boulud’s ability to pick talent.” [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
Williamsburg: A Harvard grad got himself locked into Trophy Bar after passing out in the bathroom, and by the time he got a friend to come by the morning after and try to help, he had fallen asleep in the bar’s back garden. [NYT]
West Village: Web buzz has it that Sheridan Square’s food is legit, but the atmosphere is strange since so far the restaurant always feels empty. [Eater]

Harvard Grad Couldn’t Find His Way Out of a Bar With a Key; First