Grease Is The Word

Ah, it’s always fun to catch those rare glimpses of life imitating art. Remember that episode of the Simpsons where Homer and Bart come up with the brilliant idea to siphon grease and then re-sell it for profit? Well, things may not have worked out for Homer and Bart, but there are some real life grease thieves here in the Bay Area that have figured out what a hot commodity lard waste is with oil being at such a premium.

We would be shocked by this grease stealing story if gas wasn’t so expensive. We don’t drive, but we do occasionally glance at the forever rising prices on our MUNI rides to work. $4.42 a gallon? Really? We have strong memories of complaining about paying $1 a gallon not too long ago. That said, is it really surprising that more and more people are swiping left over grease for biofuel?

In any case, with San Francisco being so health conscience there really is not as much opportunity for grease theft as one might find in say, Saint Louis. Between places like Cafe Gratitude that don’t even cook their food and the general abundance of fresh, local produce it’s a wonder this is even in issue in the Bay Area. Of course, then we consider the tantalizing greasy smell wafting from Jay’s Cheese Steak and we’re reminded that even San Francisco can deliver the greasy goods if it wants to.

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Grease Is The Word