Destroy All Illegal Barbecuers!; ‘Emeril Live’ Reappears

• Illegal barbecuing is so out-of-control in Prospect Park that rangers will be deployed to prevent anyone from firing up the charcoal outside of the park’s designated grilling areas. [Brooklyn Paper]

• Having been booted from the Food Network prime-time lineup in May, Emeril Live is moving to Fine Living, which will air new episodes of the popular cooking show. [Food Network Addict]

• The beverage director of Porter House New York won a competition to update the gin-and-tonic with his chile-infused version. [NYDN]

• Not only is Zinc Bar moving and taking over the Baggot Inn, but its owners will also take over an upstairs space in the same building and open a wine bar. [Zagat Buzz]

• Andy Nusser will oversee Tarry Lodge, the Batali-Bastianich pizzeria opening in Port Chester. [Slice]

Destroy All Illegal Barbecuers!; ‘Emeril Live’ Reappears